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实况2019德甲:Howstar Style丨Birthday party , January to February:Be powerful

Delivery time:2018-08-27|作者:昊星控股

fm2019德甲队徽 In this cold winter ,
temperature went down day by day,

but we felt warmer than before because of this joyful birthday party.

January 12, 2018,

in the office of Howstar Holdings,

we have a really nice birthday party.

Although we didn't have too much flowers, we received a around of applauses
Although we didn't have mulled wine, we have blessings

Today, we got our company family here,

2018,we must,


Birthday is a special day,

different people have different feelings to it.

but we all feel love in this special day.

sweet memory last forever .

Birthday party hold once in a month,

Ye Zixing, the chairman of Howstar Holdings

will attend this party no matter how busy he is.

In the birthday party,

he presented gifts to birthday persons,

showing caring to employees.

Every employee is vital to our company ,

and Howstar Holdings pay attentions to everyone.

Howstar Holdings will choose "the star of Howstar"

every month by the meeting of general managers

which managers will decide who is this lucky guy.

Only the best employee who have joined company

over half a year can be "the star of Howstar".

Chairman Ye Zixing will present an award by then.

let's play game now! 


Happy birthday to our friends!

In the birthday party, we have tea, joy, and friends with us!

This is our Howstar Holdings team, a nice and warm family !


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